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78 queen street
Waiuku 2123

Ph 021 311 403

What makes a QUEEN?

What makes a Queen? Traditionally, a Queen is a female ruler in possession of an independent state. Progressively, however, a Queen is any person in possession of their own heart, mind, and ideals. A Queen is someone who stands at the pinnacle of their own self, powerful in their own right.

Queen has previously been a derogatory word, used to condemn various people for being too flamboyant, dramatic, or focused. More recently it has been used as a word of pride, because being compared to powerful women SHOULD be a source of pride. This word, Queen, is also a commonly used street name across New Zealand and the world. It signifies a common connection between us all. No matter where you've come from, or will go in the future, at this very moment you find yourself here at Kaos on Queen. Surrounded by others who may appear different, but, are just like you at their core.

Queen's exist in a multitude of cultures, contexts, and time periods. They are inescapable, like gravity. Queen is a reminder that wherever you may have been, or will be, no matter how high or low, we all have shared histories and common interests, as we all come from the same place, and will one day return there.

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Sunday
    7 am to 3 pm

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